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With a large number of us working with computers in desk-based roles and spending a large amount of our free time on laptops, tablets and smartphones, It comes as no surprise that many of us start to develop what is termed upper cross syndrome (anterior head posture).
This can lead to painful conditions such as neck pain, back pain, shoulder impingement and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome just to name a few.

So to maintain good posture and help avoid these painful conditions at work, here are 5 tips that are easy to implement:

  1. Be aware of what good desk posture looks like. Sit upright with ears, shoulders and hips in one vertical line. Sit back against the support of the chair to ease the work of the back muscles.
  2. Get up and move often. As muscles tire slouching and slumping increases. In order to maintain relaxed supported posture change positions often. A simple way to remember to get up and move is to have a small cup of water at your desk and every time it runs out to get up and walk to refill it.
  3. Stretch and strengthen. To help prevent injury and promote good posture. See video.
  4. Vary your activities when not working. Don’t spend all your spare time on your smartphone or sat in front of the TV when you get home.
  5. Use an ergonomic workstation. I’m not going to get all technical on you, but the key thing about your workstation is that it should be adjustable to suit your needs and help you get into the position outlined in tip 1.


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"She is very thorough and will always spend extra time on any problem areas. I always feel freer in my neck and so much more relaxed afterwards."

Office Massage Recipient (for Sarah Thackeray )

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