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Are you sitting in the optimum position?

Recently I have been questioning patients about the set up of their chair in the office. When sat in your chair are you: leaning forwards, sitting upright or leaning slightly backwards?


Many studies have been carried out to analyse the optimum sitting position. It is well known that sitting upright for hours on end is a common cause of low back pain. Three sitting positions were studied: slouching, sitting upright at 90° and sitting back at a 135° angle.  Of the three postures the 135° sitting back posture was found to be the best biomechanical sitting position. This position puts the least strain on the ligaments and spine, helping to prevent excessive pressure being transferred through the discs and preventing wear and tear.



When I carry out ergonomic/workstation assessments, the most common changes I make are to the client’s chair. I usually change the height of the chair and the angle of the backrest. Obviously sitting at a backward angle of 135° in the office won’t allow you to get much work done and you will probably end of with neck pain! Sitting in a supportive chair, which is tilted slightly backwards can mimic the relaxed sitting position. I suggest to clients that there chair should be tilted back by approximately 10°; you should feel the chair give a small amount backwards when you initially sit. As many of us spend so much time in front of a computer screen, it is really important to find an optimal sitting position.

If you would like to find out about the ergonomic assessments I offer, please contact me at Avenue Clinic

by Gemma Piercey





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