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Are you using the right pillow?

We lie down for about 1/3 of our lives. The secret to a good nights sleep is in neutral spinal alignment. If your pillow is too low or too high, you will not be correctly positioned. By ensuring that you are lying on a bed and pillow that is helping your alignment you are investing in your own health.
We are not all the same size or build ; that’s why we wear shoes of different sizes and the right size clothes, so why are we sleeping on the same size pillows?

With the Goldilocks system, trial and error with different sized pillows or using more than one is a thing of the past. By utilising a pillow sizing system unique to goldilocks, you can rest assured that you are perfectly aligned every time! This means you not only sleep better but also reduce your chances of developing painful neck and shoulder symptoms over time.  It is also quick and easy to find that same magic pillow every time, should you need a replacement. 

Being comfortable when you sleep can have many other added benefits such as reduced ‘tossing and turning’, increased energy during the day as well as better aligned airways which could help reduce snoring. 

Pop into Avenue Clinic to get measured up for your Goldilocks pillow or mention it next time you come for treatment.  Sometimes, adjusting a few simply things in your daily routine (sleep included) along with treatment to help get on top of your symptoms can make all the difference.

How are you getting on with your pillows if you’ve already made the swap? 


"I would like to add my thanks to Gemma for her fantastic help and expertise which undoubtedly got me better quicker"

Mr A (for Gemma Piercey )

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