Avenue Clinic

Avenue Clinic

Avenue Clinic at the Indoor Sports Centre (ISC)

(Previously, Indoor Cricket Guernsey – ICG)

We are excited to open our second clinic at the Indoor Sports Centre in the Vale. This will enable us to use the fantastic facilities (including parking) available at the ISC and particularly at the My Fitness gym. It will also be great for one-to-one rehabilitation sessions and rehab specific group courses.

We have a variety of therapists working from there who will continue to provide the high level of excellence for which Avenue Clinic is known. Currently, we are able to offer Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Speech Therapy.


The Team at Avenue ICG

Dimi Argyros

Dimi has over 20 years experience as an Osteopath and is passionate about treating the whole person. She enjoys treating all ages but finds treating babies to be particularly rewarding because the whole family often seems to benefit.

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Gemma Piercey

Gemma is an Osteopath with more than 7 years experience working in the NHS and on Island. She is a keen hockey player and it is her enthusiasm for sport that leads to her interest in treating sports injuries.

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Dan Bihet

Dan enjoys working with a wide variety of patients from any background. He places emphasis on treating the whole body and encourages his patients to become involved in the treatment process. He is able to use his knowledge and experience to provide a comprehensive, hands-on patient centred approach to all aspects of musculoskeletal complaints.

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Nicki Bolingbroke

Nicki graduated in 1992 and arrived in Guernsey in 1994. Since arriving she’s developed a keen interest in shoulder rehabilitation and sports injuries and more recently, has become passionate about cycling and related lower limb pathologies. She is a qualified BikeFitPro.

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Andrew Shilling

Andrew is a Podiatrist/Chiropodist who promotes preventive foot health care and early intervention wherever possible. He takes the patient’s lifestyle and activities into account and also works with other professionals to help ensure the best treatment plan.

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