Avenue Clinic

Avenue Clinic

Health Kinesiology and Neuro-Development Programmes Prices

Claire de Gruchy NDT (LINPP), KF Assoc., AFHT, JIAS PROVIDER

Licentiate of the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (Chester), Health Kinesiology Practitioner, Bi-lateral Integration, Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation Programmes. 

Scales of Fees (as of Jan 2015)

Health Kinesiology Session (45 mins) –       £75

                                         (1 hour) –         £95

Purchase 3 x 45 minute sessions –                  £195

Purchase 3 x 1 hour sessions –                        £240


Initial Screening for Neuro-Developmental Delay                                                         £95

Test for 2 specific Primitive Reflexes, Eye Tracking and Hand/Eye Coordination (1 Hour)

Neuro-Developmental Programme                                                                                £325

(after completion of Initial Screening) Full Neuro Developmental Assessment (1½ to 2 hours)   and Home Programme Analysis to ascertain programme required, with a comprehensive report to follow


Neuro-Developmental Review                                                                                        £95

Re-Assessment with ongoing Home Programme Analysis at 8 week intervals (1 hour)


Educational Report (optional)                                                                                         £50


Initial JIAS Assessment (45 minutes)                                                                            £75

JIAS Review (30 minutes)                                                                                               £55

Customised CD                                                                                                               £40


JIAS Auditory Training Programme and INPP Neuro-Developmental Programme run concurrently.


Initial Screening for Neuro-Developmental Delay + Initial JIAS Assessment + First Customised CD                                                                                                              £195


Neuro-Developmental Review + JIAS Review + Customised CD (if required, otherwise individual fees above will apply)                                                                                 £175


Payment is required on the day of each appointment either by cash or cheque

Please make cheques payable to K.C. de Gruchy. Credit Cards are NOT accepted.

Please ask for details if you would like to pay by online banking/bank transfer at least 24hrs before appointment is to take place.Due to travel needing to be arranged in advance to meet client requirements, please give at least 48 hours notice if an appointment needs to be re-arranged, otherwise cancellation charges will be applied in respect of half the appointment fees. Less than 24 hour notice will incur the full appointment fee. Any unforeseen or extreme circumstances will naturally be taken in to account. Thank you for your understanding.



"The more they assessed and looked at my body alignment I soon realised they weren’t just interested in treating the injury and sending me on my merry way, they were looking at a permanent solution so that I would hopefully not have any reoccurring similar problems.....how refreshing!"

Happy Client (for Hannah Lord & Elaine Strappini )

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