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Diabetic Foot Checks by Podiatrist, Andrew Shilling

Our Podiatrist, Andrew Shilling, carries out diabetic foot checks. Here’s an explanation why these are important and what you can expect.

“People with diabetes have a much greater risk of developing problems with their feet, due to the damage raised blood sugars can cause to sensation and circulation. So make sure you get a quality foot check from a properly trained person at least once a year.” Source: Diabetes UK.
A foot check will involve the following:
  1. You will be asked to remove any footwear, including socks/stockings.
  2. Your feet will be examined – including looking for corns, calluses and changes in shape.
  3. Your feet will be tested for numbness or changes in sensation (‘neuropathy’) with a tuning fork or a fine plastic strand called a monofilament. Circulation is also checked.
  4. You will be asked questions about your feet and diabetes management, such as:
    • Have you noticed any problems or changes (eg cuts, blisters, broken skin or corns)?
    • Have you had any previous foot problems or wounds?
    • Have you experienced any pain or discomfort?
    • How often do you check your feet, and what do you look for?
    • Do you have any cramp-like pains when walking?
    • How well are you managing your diabetes?
  5. Your shoes will also be checked to make sure they are not causing any problems to your feet.
  6. You will be told the results and your level of risk of foot problems.
  7. You will be given information about what your level of risk means and what to do next.
  8. You will get advice about how to look after your feet at home, according to your level of risk. This will include a management/treatment plan.

Contact us on 728 798 if you have any questions or would like to find out more about the diabetic foot checks. Ring to book or book online.


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