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Game, Set and Tennis Elbow

As the tennis season comes into full swing  and you are inspired by Murray’s or Serena’s recent wins to step onto the court. I thought it maybe the right time to talk to you about one of the most common injuries faced by tennis players and has therefore gained the name ‘Tennis Elbow’.

Lateral Epicondylitis Tendinopathy often  known as ‘Tennis Elbow’ is characterised by pain on the outside part of the elbow. Weakness in hand grip may also be experienced.

It is caused by a repetitive vigorous use of the forearm muscles. And although it commonly affects tennis players and other racket sports. It can affect anyone who repetitively use their arm such as manual workers, painters, plumbers carpenters etc. Overuse of forearm muscles (mainly extensor carpi radialis brevis and longus) which stabilises  the wrist when the elbow is straight e.g. in tennis groundstroke. If this muscle is weakened from overuse it develops micro tears in the tendon and this leads to inflammation and pain.
  • Rest gives the tissues a chance to repair 
  • Ice to reduce  pain and swelling 
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory help in reducing pain and swelling
  • Physical therapy helps promote healing in the damaged tissues and strengthen weakened muscles 
  • Using a brace which will help rest muscles and tendons
  • If pain persists move invasive treatment such as steroid injections may be considered
If the steps above don’t ease your symptoms and the pain persists then it’s best to seek the help of a therapist. The osteopaths, physiotherapists and acupuncturist here would be happy to help. We can assess your mechanics, to find the cause and provide further advice and treatment and help you get to the end of your match.

"The Osteopaths use a broad range of techniques that I had not experienced with other practitioners and after a few sessions the pain was gone and I had more movement in my neck than I had in years"

Mrs G (for Osteopathy )

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