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Joint Care During Winter

As the darkness comes earlier and earlier each day and the temperatures lower. People with joint problems can find that their symptoms get worse. Simple lifestyle changes can help manage existing conditions and prevent the development of joint pain.

1 Keep moving

The cold weather can make us less inclined to exercise, unfortunately, this can make us feel even stiffer. Exercise and movement- anything from walking to yoga and swimming can help lubricate the joints and prevent pain.

2 Exercise safely

In winter warming up and cooling down before and after exercise becomes even more important. It helps prepare your muscles for exercise by improving the circulation to the tissues and will help prevent injury.

3 Eat healthy

Certain foods have been found to increase inflammation in the body and exacerbate conditions like osteoarthritis (OA). Avoid foods high in omega 6 e.g. corn oil and refined grains which can fuel this inflammation. Instead, choose whole grains which are high in fibre and have been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect. Eating more oily fish high in Omega 3s have been shown to reduce the development of OA.

4 Stock up on vitamins and supplements

In most cases eating a healthy varied diet will provide all the nutrients and vitamins needed. However, in parts of the world Vitamin D deficiency has become more common especially in the winter months as we are not able to get enough sun exposure. Vitamin D deficiency can be associated with a host of health issues but most commonly can increase the risk of developing osteoporosis. A vitamin D supplement will help reduce chances of being deficient. Choose a Vit D3 rather than Vit D2 which has been shown to be almost 50% more effective.



5 Don’t overindulge

It’s no secret that being overweight places more stress on your joints and this increases the risk of developing OA. It’s easy to comfort eat in the cold months, so keep an eye on your weight.

6 Wear sensible shoes

Falls are more likely at this time with the wet, windy and icy weather. Wearing sensible supportive shoes with good grip can help prevent falls. Furthermore wearing heels will put more stress on your joints and can increase the chances of developing Osteoarthritis (OA).

7 Make warm water your friend

From swimming in heated pools to soaking in a warm bath and even using a hot water bottle. Heat will help soothe your achy joints.

8 Seek help

If you are not able to manage your symptoms seek help. Research has found conservative treatment, such as Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Acupuncture are effective at treating joint conditions.

By Emeline Muhawenimana (Osteopath)


"I cannot speak too highly of the Osteopath’s skills and I recommend anyone suffering from a condition requiring treatment by an osteopath to get in touch with Avenue."

Mr R (for Osteopathy )

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