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Podiatry Prices

(all session lengths are approximate)

  • New patient consultation, assessment and treatment (60 minutes): £65
  • Follow-up core podiatry / routine appointment (30 minutes): £52
  • Biomechanical assessment (60 minutes): £75
  • Pre-fabricated, semi-custom orthotics and comfort insoles: £45 to £85
  • Prescription / custom made bespoke orthotics: £230 to £290 (50% deposit requested)
  • Cryotherapy for verrucae: £65
  • Nail surgery under local anaesthetic for ingrown toenails: £260 for single partial nail avulsion
  • Professional foot care products, silicone gel devices etc. individually priced

Many private medical insurance companies cover Podiatry but may require a consultant’s referral. Please always check with your insurer first.

" 3 months after my surgery (after about 10 sessions of physio with Elaine and Hannah), my surgeon was amazed at my near full recovery of range of movement. Thanks to Elaine and Hannah for showing me how far to push and encouraging and reassuring me that this was possible."

Happy Client (for Hannah Lord & Elaine Strappini )

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