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Preparing for and Recovering from Major Surgery – My ‘Hip-Hop’ Experience

Having recently undergone a full hip replacement, I am now recuperating at home with a bit of spare time on my hands. I thought it may be of interest to share some of my experience with you. I have included some do’s and don’ts that I have found useful, but obviously, each person will have a slightly different experience. Take from it what you feel is appropriate, and I am happy to talk to anyone further, just contact me through our reception at Avenue Clinic.


Pre-Op Prep

  • DO aim to be as fit as you can before the operation. The most repeated comment I have had from surgeons, doctors, nursing staff and physiotherapists has been that by being in good shape and not overweight the whole experience is much easier for everyone, not just me.
  • DO aim to maintain some exercise in the months and weeks before your operation. Swim, walk, cycle, stretch, exercise from a chair. Whatever you can manage will be of benefit
  • DO eat well by having plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, lean protein and cut out processed foods.
  • DO cut out alcohol 1-2 weeks beforehand and drink plenty of water leading up to operation date, to flush out toxins
  • DO practice with your hand gripper (for hip, knee surgery) and crutches if you can.  Consider how you get in and out of bed, go up and down stairs etc.
  • DON’T feel guilty. Because I didn’t have a terminal illness or suffer great pain, didn’t mean that my operation wasn’t necessary. It WILL change your life and you deserve that.


Operation Time

  • DO stay calm & positive. I found some basic meditation and breathing really helped on the day of my surgery.
  • DO listen to advice from the professionals and DO make notes or ask questions. I felt bombarded with information. All useful, but sometimes tricky to remember in those jittery hours just before and after the operation
  • DO start those simple exercises as soon as possible. I was flexing my feet, deep breathing, doing small foot circles etc. as soon as my sensation was back after my epidural.


Post Operation Recovery

  • DON’T rush things, but DON’T be lazy
  • DO stick to those daily exercises EVERY DAY
  • DO some mindfulness exercises or meditation. There is no excuse for lack of time now, and it really helps you to focus on getting better one day, one moment at a time
  • DO soak your feet or body in Epsom Salt baths, as it helps to rid the body of toxins
  • DO drink plenty of fluids. Drink water every time you get up or move around so it becomes regular hydration.
  • DO maintain a high fibre diet. Post-operative constipation is horrible and pretty common. My top tips – Aloe Vera fruit and veg smoothies, homemade vegetable soups, lots of water,
  • warm prune juice before bed and in the morning.
  • DO alternate your activities e.g. Do your exercises, drink, sit and read, walk around, have a drink, put your feet up for a bit, move again, another drink, change the room you are in, do some deep breathing, drink. Relax.
  • DON’T sit and watch TV all day. My knitting has really improved these last few weeks! Try a new hobby or pick up something you don’t normally have time to enjoy.
  • DO look after your bruising. I used an arnica salve and a blend of essential oils. Bruising appears in areas you don’t expect it to!
  • DO massage your scar once it is well on its way to healing. Again there are essential oils that are great for this. DO seek advice or drop in to see one of us at the clinic
  • DO walk, walk, and walk a little, then a little bit more each day. Fresh air is good for you. There will be good days and bad days, so be sensible but active.
  • And did I say, DO your exercises!


I hope this has been helpful. It can be a frightening time, but our bodies are AMAZING. They are great self-healers, and with a positive mindset, professional advice and support from those around you, you will soon be on your way to an excellent recovery and active lifestyle. Now, where did I put my knitting?


Sarah Thackeray

Massage Therapist, Reflexologist and Cranio-Sacral Therapist

"Since having the treatments master T is back to his old self and loving shoulder rides again."

Mrs G (for Osteopathy )

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