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Hannah Lord

Respiratory Physiotherapist

Hannah is excited to be joining the team at Avenue Clinic. She has 14 years experience as a qualified physiotherapist. She has a special interest in respiratory physiotherapy which led her to complete a Master of Science degree in clinical area. She is a fully qualified Buteyko practitioner and has additional qualifications in acupuncture.

Hannah moved to Guernsey in 2006 and played a key role in modernising local services developing the respiratory physiotherapy out-patient service and pulmonary rehabilitation. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help both children and adults who have a respiratory condition such as COPD (emphysema/chronic bronchitis), asthma, chronic cough, unexplained episodes of breathlessness and air hunger, and bronchiectasis, to live well and be more in control of their lung condition. As well as her specialist skills and experience in respiratory physiotherapy, Hannah has worked in rehabilitation following critical illness and major surgery and falls prevention, elderly rehabilitation, paediatrics, women’s health and mental health.

Hannah uses a combination of education, breathing exercises and techniques, movement analysis, soft tissue release techniques, postural correction and strength and conditioning training to help you meet your goals.

Respiratory physiotherapy will have something to offer to you whether you are:

  • a high performance athlete wanting to reduce your air hunger whilst performing,
  • Or someone who has just been diagnosed with a breathing problem who wants to do all they
  • Can to prevent unwanted complications and reduce the impact of this on their life,
  • Or someone who has a cough that they would like to be able to manage better
  • Or air hunger that is unexplained that they would like to reduce
  • Or someone who cannot get their lungs clear and would like to get them clearer
  • Or someone who is feeling too breathless and scared to leave their house and would like to feel less breathless and scared so that they can do more

Hannah will work with you to establish what your expectations are and whether or not she can help you meet these expectations. She will co-create goals and strategies that will provide solutions to your urgent issues and help you to form habits and lasting changes of lifestyle that will promote recovery, improve your resilience, enhance your performance and impact positively on your quality of life. Hannah has a strong belief in education and life long learning and will coach you to gain the knowledge, understanding and skills and resilience required to maintain and improve your own health and well being.

Hannah will encourage open and honest conversations about what is working well for you and what isn’t to ensure your experience meets your individual needs and expectations. Hannah firmly believes that you are the expert in knowing what you need and what works for you and it is her role to help you and coach you to find the answers.

Hannah can see you at Avenue Clinic or in your own home, place of work or the environment that will work the best for you and is meaningful and relevant to your needs and goals.

Hannah Practises

Respiratory Physiotherapy

Respiratory physiotherapy uses a combination of education, breathing exercises and techniques, movement analysis, soft tissue release techniques, postural correction and strength and conditioning training to help you meet your goals. > Find out more


"I came with an injury that prevented me from running. Not only did I get my injury repaired I also worked with them to get my body realigned to prevent injury in the future. I can't recommend their work enough."

Happy Client (for Hannah Lord & Elaine Strappini )

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