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From February 2017, there will be an independent Speech & Language Therapy Service available in Guernsey. The Speech & Language Therapy Service based at Avenue Clinic can provide assessment and therapy for children and young people with speech, language and communication difficulties. Zara offers a highly individualised approach, tailored specifically to the needs of your child.

Zara will initially come over once a month, until she moves back to Guernsey in September 2017.

Zara will work closely with parents/carers to help their child develop the necessary speech, language and communication skills. This may include:

  • 1:1 therapy sessions in the child’s home, nursery or school.
  • Small group sessions in which the child/young person is given support alongside their peers.
  • Working jointly with educational staff e.g. teachers or support staff in order to set communication goals and targets.
  • Training sessions in nursery/ school


Who do we see?

Zara is able to offering support for children aged 0-11 years in the following


  •  Attention and Listening Skills.
  •  Receptive Language (Understanding).
  • Expressive Language (Talking).
  • Speech Sounds/Pronounciation.
  • Social Communication.
  • Stammering (0-7 years only).
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
  • Down Syndrome

The Speech and Language Therapy service aims to help children develop their communication skills to the best of their ability and reach their maximum learning potential.

Does My Child Need Speech & Language Therapy?

 The information below outlines general communication milestones but is only intended as a guide. Please contact the Speech Therapist if you have concerns about your child.  If you are not sure if your child needs Speech & Language Therapy, feel free to contact us for a free telephone consultation to discuss your current concerns.


By 1 year old: your child should be able to point to items and people, copy actions and attempt to copy words. They should have approx 1-3 words that they use often (eg. “mummy/daddy/dummy”) and understand some simple requests/ questions (don’t touch! Where’s the ball?)


By 18mths – 2 years: your child should have a vocabulary of 3 to 20 words (mostly names of things), be asking for “more” and “what’s that?”, be using 2 words together (e.g. “ball gone”) and enjoying pretend play (e.g. with cars, dollies). They should be interested in others and enjoy playing alongside other children


By 3 years old: your child should be able to ask 1 to 2 word questions (“where’s mummy?”), use 3- to 4- word phrases, follow simple commands and answer simple questions, have an expressive vocabulary of 50 -250 words and should be understood by unfamiliar people approx 80% of the time


By the time they start school, your child should be able to clearly communicate his/her ideas, wants and needs.  Your child should be able to demonstrate an understanding of basic concepts (colours, shapes, words like in/out/off), answer questions, and follow directions


Your child should see a Speech & Language Therapist if:

  • At 9 months of age they are not using repeated babble sounds (e.g. “bababa/ dadada”)
  • At 1 year old they are not pointing, waving or shaking their head or understanding simple requests
  • At 18 months are not using single words, do not know the function of objects (e.g. spoon/ hairbrush) or have very little change in emotions
  • At 2 years old they are not following simple instructions, copying actions or words, using objects properly or using words to communicate
  • At 3 years old they are not interested in other children, have limited interest in toys, and are unable to communicate in short phrases
  • By school age they are having difficulty with reading, writing, spelling, do not remember routines, are finding it difficult to concentrate or follow instructions and difficulty forming friendships


Who are we?

Zara graduated as a Speech and Language Therapist from The University of Manchester in 2005. She spent 9 years working as part of an innovative speech and language team in Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust. In the last 2 years Zara has been working with children and families in the private sector in West Sussex.

Zara has experience supporting children aged 0-11 years with a range of difficulties including delayed speech and language skills, social communication difficulties and dysfluency (stammering). Zara likes to take a family centered approach working closely with parents/carers, education and health professionals.

How to contact us:

Zara will be based in London until September 2017 and will come over mobthly until then. If you would like more information or would like to make an appointment then please email or ring the clinic and she will contact you as soon as possible:

E: admin@avenueclinic.co.uk

Tel: 01481 728798








Prices etc

From February 2017 Zara will be offering monthly sessions with Avenue Clinic.

Initial consultation

Free initial telephone consultation (up to 15 minutes).

– £150 for an Initial Assessment with brief written report

Ongoing therapy

Sessions are around 45-60 minutes long including time for feedback and


– £85 per session

Additional Costs

Any additional cost will always be discussed and agreed in advance on an

individual basis. These may include home/school visits, more complex

assessment, annual reviews, comprehensive reports, training for school/nursery

staff etc.




Zara Betts

Zara graduated as a Speech and Language Therapist from The University of Manchester in 2005. She has experience supporting children aged 0-11 years with a range of difficulties including delayed speech and language skills, social communication difficulties and dysfluency (stammering). Zara likes to take a family centered approach working closely with parents/carers, education and health professionals and she also has a keen interest in providing training to nursery and education staff.

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