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We now give you the best Kinesiology taping system in the world – Rocktape

Hi all! Andre, Dimi, Gemma and Raj spent the sunniest day of the year so far, in a dingy room with the guys from Rocktape. We learnt the secrets behind how to use this high-tech Kinesiology tape and are now officially adding Rocktape to our list of specialities. To find out a little more about what the tape can be used for, check out this short video:

Give us a shout on 728798 if you have any questions…..

"I was looked after by Gemma, who was very helpful. She made me feel at ease and asked a variety of questions in a very no-intrusive way, in order to get a full picture of what had happened to me."

Mrs L B (for Gemma Piercey )

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